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OUr mission

Urban Spin strives to provide a transcendent indoor cycling environment that inspires our community to have fun, be healthy and stay connected.

Offering a variety of indoor cycling classes, expect to be transformed as you climb and sprint your way through signature cycling sessions. You will improve your endurance, increase your energy and burn through calories as you jump-start your metabolism.

This is the perfect ambience where you will be able to get away and escape into an exhilarating cycling atmoshpere regardless of your fitness level.

Urban Spin's certified indoor instructors are the best in the area. We combine a high quality sound system, coaching and a state of the art DMX LED lighting system to create your one of a kind experience. Cycling is a low impact cardio workout like no other. Our cycles are Lance Armstrong's livestrong S series Matrix cycles, considered to be the standard in the cycling world. 

Indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity - and it can be intense. But our classes appeal to a wide variety of athletic abilities from beginners to advanced cyclists. Instructors coach riders through their workout to find their specific level.

If you have never tried it, indoor cycling is a great low-impact way to burn calories, while listening to some rad music, riding with some awesome people and enjoying a crazy light show.

Please be reminded Urban’s cancellation policy is 2 hours before class. All late cancellations with packages will lose one class per late cancel. All late cancellations for unlimited packages will be charged $10. We are happy to be flexible and know life happens - kids, work, sickness, ect. Please just give us a heads up if there is an emergency and we will gladly waive the fee.
— Urban Spin


Please pack a clean, dry pair of sneaker for class as the weather turns wintery. Salt, snow and water all make for a messy, slippery situation. Thank you in advance!